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Megapolis Hack

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Megapolis Cheats

Supported version

We know about the situation that Megapolis community play game on a lot of different systems. Don’t matter about device system because our Megapolis Hack Tool is supported without problem on:

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Megapolis Generator

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Megapolis Game

Megapolis is the cross-platform game with a point of build own city. That production is one of the most popular in city builder category, cause that game not only giving fun but also a lot of elements of education. The game is very pleasant because all of the action has a place on one screen. We have control over everything without long swapping on a touch screen. You can look at your massive island and looking for the city and people’s life.

Gameplay in Megapolis

The game has two modes. First of them is the campaign. It depends on a system where game tracks you within the new building, blueprints and doing the missions is very important. Players have in campaign special area for different buildings, can meet new build and have intuitive controls over the city progress. In the campaign, every player has 24 different scenarios to play which building of the city have a different way. First, three of them are like a tutorial, so you can complete it easily and learn some basics of the game. Each of scenarios has a specific time for finish stage meant as the deadline in the game. On the top bar, will shows the goal which you are must complete closing the scenario. It sounds very easy but on higher scenarios, you must show skills like an engineer. In game exist many parameters like:

  •    Income (Funds earn in a city)
  •    Happiness of people
  •    Amount of Residents
  •    Level of ecology in city
  •    Commerce level
  •    Healthcare
  •    Culture level

In Megapolis everyone of mentioned above parameters can be one of the goals needed to complete the scenario. With progress, you will have unlocked new ability and buildings types, so also giving in-game new tasks.

Except for the campaign, you can also select the sandbox mode. Sandbox isn’t a city builder. Here you can set and complete your own idea for a perfect city.